Timing of Your Appointment

Timing of Your Appointment

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got your fiancé – now all you need is a dress! Shopping at Elegance Bridal Design can be quite an experience; but in order to actually “find” your dress, you need to know how your appointment will go.

During your first appointment, efficiency is key! Elegance bridal Design consultants know every single wedding dress we have, and once they identify your likes, preferences, and, most important, what you feel comfortable and happy in, they’ll narrow down which wedding dresses to bring to your fitting room.

Below is a breakdown of what happens at your appointment, but remember… Your trusted consultant will keep you on track!

Meet your consultant.

Be greeted by your personal consultant. Once you arrive at our showroom and check in at reception, you’ll be greeted by one of our highly knowledgeable consultants to start your day at Elegance Bridal Design.

Head to the dressing room. You’ll be escorted to one of our large dressing rooms equipped clear white mirrors fit for the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience. Once you’re settled, slip into a robe.

Share all of your wedding details. Once you’re ready to try on dresses, you’ll share your wedding details with your consultant (think venue, wedding date and more), but most importantly you’ll discuss your style and wedding dresses you love (make sure to bring along some inspiration!) as well as your budget.

Try on dresses! Your consultant will bring you between 3-6 dresses to try on based on the information you’ve given her, and from your opinions on these dresses, you’ll try on similar styles until you find your dream dress.

Complete your look. Your consultant will also help you completing your bridal look with veils, jewelry, belts or shoes.

Get excited! You’ve found your dream dress! But don’t fret if you haven’t—we’ll schedule another appointment for you to try on more dresses.

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